Brockenhurst International

Export Expertise

When you can’t find the right products to meet your needs, why not look overseas with a specialist exporter to help you?

Brockenhurst International specialise in the export of cars & vans, retro-fitted vehicles and technology solutions into Latin America. We are at the forefront of the export market, providing bespoke solutions and providing easy access to products in hard to reach markets, using our expertise and native knowledge to ensure smooth shipping & delivery.

Latin America Export Specialists

WHY CHOOSE brockenhurst?


Our retrofitted vans provide essential mobile offices and compact mobile laboratories which will easily accommodate a small team who need to operate from remote locations.

As a Guyanese national, director Quincy founded Brockenhurst with a rare insight into both the UK and Latin America. It is this knowledge which is pivotal to providing smooth, hassle free logistics for you.

Brockenhurst are not an online shop, we don't sell anything and everything. We export only high end technology solutions which are known to be difficult to purchase in Latin American countries.

You won't be held on the phone for hours with Brockenhurst because we offer customer service which is distinctly personal and aimed at offering you complete reassurance from start to finish.

about us

Brockenhurst International was founded by Director, Quincy Kendall, a UK citizen, born in Guyana, who moved to the UK in 2002.

The team at Brockenhurst have a unique knowledge of both the UK and Latin American countries, with understanding of both cultures and business methods and it is with this insight, that Brockenhurst Intl are able to provide a niche service for supplying hard to source products in Latin America. With our knowledge of the export market and connections in the UK, we offer can such products as carms, vans, bespoke lab vehicles and technology products, giving our clients solutions previously beyond their reach.

Brockenhurst International is far more than a company, it is a network of reputable suppliers offering premium solutions, it is a logistics business that ensures what you want is delivered to your door, within agreed timeframes and budgets. It is a company that is focused on solutions and goes that extra mile to ensure it can put the unreachable in your hands.