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about us

Brockenhurst International was founded by Director, Quincy Kendall, a Guyanese national, who emigrated to the UK in 2003.

Quincy has forged a very successful career in the UK, working a variety of customer focused roles across many industries, before finally finding his niche in development and management. A true native of Guyana, he has remained patriotic to his country and continued to forge business links between the two countries over the last decade.

It is with this unique knowledge of both countries, their cultures and their business methods, that he founded Brockenhurst Intl to fulfill a niche gap in the market for supplying hard to source products in Latin America. With his knowledge of the import market and his vast connections in the UK, he identified the primary need for bespoke vehicles and technology solutions, offering his clients solutions that were previously beyond their reach.

Brockenhurst International is far more than a company, it is a network of reputable suppliers offering premium solutions, it is a logistics business that ensures what you want is delivered to your door, within agreed timeframes and budgets. It is a company that is focused on solutions and goes that extra mile to ensure it can put the unreachable in your hands.